Space Rocks

Welcome to my blog!

As I’m progressing through my BSc of Computer Science, this website will evolve towards being a reflection of my programming and technical work, rather than a portfolio of my 3D art assets as it has been in the past. I’m planning to use this page to showcase my various programming projects, and to accommodate the less visual nature of this work I’ve added this blog and will update it from time to time to show what I’ve been up to.

I have a few updates already planned including a file management script created as a personal exercise to teach myself Python, and a first look at my current game project “Space Rocks”, which is a top down, retro-style arcade space shooter I’ve created from scratch in C++ using Unreal Engine 4. I’m also building a renderer in C++ for a school project that I can’t wait to share.

I’m looking forward to sharing my work with you!